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1 MINUTE POSTURE TIP: Help fix rounded shoulders


Do I have protracting shoulders?

Look at the next 10 people you see, chances are they have protracting shoulders. This particular deviation is where your shoulders begin to move forward and extend past your chest. Tightening of the chest and anterior (front) shoulder muscle groups through overuse or lack of flexibility. This combined with lack of strength in your latissimus dorsi (lats) and the muscle groups in the upper parts of your back will allow the tightened muscle groups in your chest and shoulders to dominate. The dominance of these tight muscles will begin to pull your shoulders forward, almost towards each other.

Some of the major issues caused by this postural deviation is that it can begin to tighten up the muscle groups in the upper parts of your neck, in particular your platysma. This muscle group connects to your chest muscles, shoulder muscles all the way up the side of your neck and under your chin. This can lead to quicker development of forward head syndrome. Protracting shoulders will also limit the volume of oxygen that you are able to get into your lungs. Strengthening your back muscles and keeping your shoulders rolled back will allow your lungs and chest to open to full capacity. More oxygen will allow your body to function better as well as increase energy levels. Once again, this can put direct pressure on your lower back and knees to do the distribution of weight being pulled forward.

Some simple habits to develop for fixing your rounded shoulders are once again to stretch and strengthen. For the most part, the movements are similar to that of forward head syndrome. Hit up as doorway, hold your hands and arms at 90 degrees and push your chest forward stretching the chest and shoulder muscles, looking up is always encouraged. Once again be aware of the amount of time your spend in positions that will shorten these muscle groups up. When you are done looking at your phone, typing on your computer, driving, riding a bike or any activity that will put your shoulders forward, stand up tall, roll your shoulders back and pick you head up!

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