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15 Minute Upper Body & Core Workout Routine:


Motivational Monday with Jackie and Nick!

Follow along as my wife and I take you through a 15 Minute Upper Body & Core Workout Routine. The workout starts with a four minute and thirty second warm up to get your body prepared for the circuit, which takes advantage of some awesome bodyweight exercises. Jackie and I flew through this once, but if you’re really looking to build strength and get results, I would recommend completing the circuit three times through, including the warm-up at a faster pace.

One goal of this particular circuit is to   For most of the exercises there are two options, one is for beginners and the other for those of you who are little little more advanced. Please remember to train responsibly. Take your time and make sure the form is correct. If possible, workout in front of a mirror so you can check your form. Remember to breathe and drink plenty of water!

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