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3 Minute Stretch Routine: Quick & Easy Upper Body Stretches


3 Minute Stretch Routine: Quick & Easy Upper Body Stretches

Almost everybody I know understands that they need to stretch, but still make the decision not to. Based off of my experience, the turn off to stretching is how people perceive stretching. They think they have to take 20 minutes out of their day to lay down on the ground and do a whole series of painful stretches. This simply isn’t the case. I tell my clients one of the best things they can do is develop the habit of doing shorter stretch routine’s, but multiple times throughout the day.

This 3 minute stretch routine in this video was done as a live stream and from start to finish was about three minutes. Now just imagine if you did this stretch routine twice a day, seven days a week. That will add up to an amazing 42 minutes a week of stretching that you ordinarily would not have done. I beg you to just try this quick routine one time! 9 out of 10 people say they feel great after and that their body definitely needed it. Show Your body a little appreciation by giving it what it actually needs.

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