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Make Conscious Decisions

 “Reaching goals does not depend on one’s “will power,” rather their ability to make good decisions consistently.” 

Make Conscious Decisions

de·ci·sion /noun :a conclusion or resolution reached after consideration. “Various internet sources estimate that an adult makes about 35,000 remotely conscious decisions each day.” On average, about 6,000 of those decisions are made consciously. From the food we put in our body, how we move, how we spend our time, how many times we check our phones, the books we read, as well as the people we have as friends.  These things are important because they all have an affect on each other. Our goal is to help you make more conscious decisions throughout the course of your day.

For example: What food we decide to eat, or in some cases choose to not eat will affect our energy levels, moods, and emotions. This may not allow our bodies and brains to perform optimally, and could make for an unproductive day at work or stress levels raising more rapidly. This may then affect the amount of work we get done causing us to stay later at work, or simple go after our mindset and discouraging us. By the end of the day, you may feel exhausted and defeated, pushing aside the 30 minutes of working out you had planned on doing.  This is just one of the small decisions that can have a snowball effect on different outcomes. All we really had to do make a different decision. For example, the night before you could have perhaps picked out what meal you were going to eat for breakfast, and set your alarm give minutes earlier to give yourself time to eat. BOOM, problem solved.

One of the best decisions one could make, is to get in tune with their own body. Clear communication is a key ingredient to any healthy relationship. This also holds true with the human body! The human bodies central nervous system is able to thoroughly communicate  through a complex system of neurotransmitters. Because of this advanced setup, our bodies communicate with us through signs and signal such as: aches, pains, sensations, stress, feelings, movement, emotions energy levels, hormones, disease, sickness, hunger, and so on.  We encourage you to make a decision! Make a decision to develop a deeper relationship with your body through listening, and getting in touch with what your body is communicating with you. Are you tired because your food is full of chemicals and not enough actual nutrients? Make the decision to learn about what your putting in your body! Are your shoulders or back in pain all the time because you are a carrying purse on the same side all the time? Or when you stand, you have a terrible habit of leaning to one side forcing your body to work harder? These are extremely common problems that often have extremely simple solutions, we just need to make to decision stop ignoring the signs and learn about them.

Where we are today in life is a reflection of the decisions we have made in the past. Where we can go in the future is up to the decisions we make now. No matter where you are heading, making healthy lifestyle decisions is definitely a step in the right direction! Living a healthy and well balanced lifestyle is not a matter of luck or genetics, it is a matter of decisions. How you ask? Go food shopping and have healthy food on deck. Set up accountability, call a friend and schedule your next time to exercise. Set a goal and seek advice on how to get there from others who have done it or a professional. These are decisions that could lead to the development of good habits,  knowledge and inspiration, or decisions that lead to poor habits, settling  for less, and  not living up to your potential. Make a decision right now to set yourself up for success. Check out the video below to better understand how your brain works, and what it is capable of.

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THE AWAKENING – Quantum Mechanics of the Human Brain & Consciousness