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Pull-up to Lunge Bodyweight Exercise: Fitness Blog


Pull-up to Lunge Bodyweight Exercise: Fitness Blog

How do you make your workouts as effective as possible, in a short amount of time, to burn the most calories? That is a question that has drawn many theories and conclusions throughout the evolution of exercise and fitness. I have tried many different styles and methods of training, but one in particular has stuck out to me over the years. Helping me do my job as a trainer and get clients great results, as well as helping me maximize the limited time I have for training. The video above is a demonstration of an amazing upper body lower body exercise, from a chin up to a reverse lunge.

Peripheral Heart ActionPeripheral Heart Action, or PHA “was specifically designed to keep blood circulating throughout the whole body during the entire workout. The smaller muscles around the heart are worked first before the larger muscles around the body’s periphery.” There are many different benefits when we are able to take advantage of the human circulatory system. For one, this will develop a very strong heart due to the fact that it is continuously pushing and pulling blood from the upper body to the lower body. This will also assist in burning a ton of calories while keeping a safe tempo to your workout, and don’t be surprised when your heart rate gets up much higher than expected. One aspect of this method I enjoy the most however, is that it will also help reduce the amount of lactic acid in your body post-workout, which makes for a much quicker recovery.

The compound movement in the video above will allow me to develop much more endurance and strength when it comes to doing chin-ups. By separating each chin-up with a reverse lunge, the blood and lactic acid build up in my upper body is then forced down to my lower body, allowing me to do longer durations of chin-ups. Give this a try for yourself and see how quickly your heart rate shoots up! Do not be afraid to get creative, start bringing PHA training into your routine today for a stronger heart, and a move efficient training session.

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