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Core Exercises With Suspension Straps


Develop Core Strength and Tone

In this particular video I will be demonstrating a few simple core exercises that are very effective for developing strength and toning. I will be using a Most-Fit Suspension Strap as well as the best piece A fitness equipment ever created in the universe, your very own human body.

Screen Shot 2016-03-09 at 10.11.06 AMA few coaching points on these exercises to make sure you are doing them safely and effectively are as followed: do your best to keep your eyes straight up to the ceiling, this will help you avoid tucking your chin to your chest to reduce the risk of a neck strain. This will also help ensure that you are using your core and not momentum. When doing the body-weight crunches, the key here is to flex your feet and dig you heels into the ground, this will force a chain reaction through your hamstrings and really target your lower abs more than usual.

Remember that breathing is the key to almost everything we do in life. We must always be conscious of controlling our breathing patters, especially when doing core work. Most folks tend to hold their breath as they contract their core. These exercises are intended for someone at an intermediate training level. Add this circuit into any routine, doing sets of 45 seconds or a minute to really maximize the movements.

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