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Extreme Chair Workout


Extreme Chair Workout: 28 Awesome Exercises With a Chair

It is not always about the most elaborate or expensive piece of equipment out there. It comes down to how determined you are to get a great workout or succeed. I am pretty sure that everyone, everywhere can find a chair to use. This Extreme Chair Workout covers mainly the legs, ABS and triceps. There is also a great deal of balance and stability involved as well. The exercises start out a little easier and then work up to a little harder. I suggest you take your time into some of the exercises and be safe.

Extreme Chair Workout: 28 Awesome Exercises With a ChairThere Really Is No Excuse

I filmed this doing 30 seconds of each move and it was a great workout, feel free to do 45 second or 1 minute with 20 seconds rest in between each move, or rest as needed. Most of the moves are upper body to lower body to get your heart rate up. There are truly no excuses for not making time or not having a good location exercise, as far as I am concerned, this can be done in a cubical!

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