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Laird Hamilton’s Extreme Pool Training


Laird Hamilton’s Extreme Pool Training

Laird Hamilton is an American big-wave surfer, who completely changed the game of surfing forever when he co-invented tow-in surfing. One thing Laird does not do is take his physical fitness and training lightly. Watching Laird for some time now, I am a huge fan of his functional training style. You will very rarely see him isolating one particular muscle group, as he is an advocate of training through as many different ranges of motion as possible, while maximizing stability, strength, and flexibility.

The extreme training methods that Laird uses are for good reason, his very life depends on it. There are many people who underestimate how dangerous the sport of surfing actually is. Even on the smallest of waves, there is alway potential danger, one must learn to respect the ocean.

Laird Hamilton Extreme Pool Training

There are some who enjoy the laid back friendly waves, while Laird is always looking out for the biggest swells, surfing waves up to 100 feet high. These small mountains of water carry so much energy that they break bones and end lives. I now know why Hamilton trains the way he does, knowing that these waves could hold you underwater as long as they would like. Check out the video above of one of Laird Hamiltons’s – Extreme Pool Training sessions to increase strength, endurance, cardiovascular, and mental focus.


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