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Best Neck Stretch For Headaches


 Best Neck Stretch For Headaches

A very subtle postural deviation, is elevated shoulders. This postural deviation is where one particular shoulder and trapezius (trap) is used more than the other. This causes shortening of the muscles around the neck: trapeziussternohyoid, lateral scalene and levator muscles, all of which are located on the side and back of your neck. The overuse of these muscle groups combined with the lack of strength in the latissimus dorsi (lats), which is a major muscle group under your arm, will actually allow your shoulder to raise up higher on one side.

Some of the issues caused by this postural deviation are headaches, backaches and neck strains. There is a lot of blood flow in these particular areas that leads to the brain. When these muscle groups shorten, it can directly lead to a subtle interruption of blood flow. Folks carry so much stress and strain in the shoulders and neck, this is because we do not allow ourselves to relax these muscle groups. Even now, as you’re reading this…take a deep breathe and relax your shoulders. They probably dropped down a level.

Screen Shot 2016-01-26 at 10.44.45 PMThis video demonstrates a very effective stretch that you can do anywhere, anytime to fight back against stress and tension headaches. For both sides; place your hand in the center of your back, drop one shoulder and pull your ear to the opposite shoulder. For example, if you reach your right hand to the center of your back, lean your head and pull your left ear to your left shoulder. Once again, relax and breath. Also, be aware of the way you drive a vehicle. A lot of people like to slouch to one side and drive with one hand up. Ladies, try to alternate the shoulder you place your purse on and balance between the two. Get a Bluetooth if you have to but never hold your phone between your shoulder and your ear. You also want to strengthen up your lats, this will actually help pull your shoulder down. Some simple pull down movements will do.

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