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Posture Correction & Awareness

Ask yourself this, if you went through life focusing on your every movement as if you were exercising, how would you perform? Would you have perfect movement because you practice perfect form while you exercise? Or would you have poor posture and movement patterns because you don’t put enough focus on form and posture while you practice? Having good posture and great movement is not something that just comes to us.

Effects of carrying bag on one shoulder.

Effects of carrying bag on one shoulder.

“it’s the little things that count.” incorrect, subtle movements  throughout everyday add up over the years. When we are unaware that our movement patters are incorrect, our bodies become vulnerable, and our muscles begin to tighten up and pull the body is different directions. These movement patterns occur in the way we drive, sleep, walk, use a phone, carrying a purse, and so on. Take into consideration how many times a day you may bend over to do something. If we all can adjust the way we pick things up, we could eliminate a lot of future pain and weaknesses. We subconsciously develop these subtle habits that could actually shorten our life. Poor movement patterns are often simple to correct, but we must first become aware of what they are, this will allow us to be conscious of them which will then allow us to correct them.

Synergistic dominance in simple terms, is one muscle group dominating its opposite muscle group due to over usage. Almost every muscle has an opposite muscle group. For instance, your chest and back muscles are opposite. A good example of synergistic dominance with these two muscle groups is if you have a job at a computer. From typing and sitting at a desk all day, your shoulder and chest muscles will begin to tighten up and then actually become shorter. What can make this situation worse is if you do not do anything to try and strengthen your back muscles to try and balance those muscle groups out

Screen shot 2015-09-28 at 3.20.19 AMWhat many do not realize is that when our muscle groups are not balanced through awareness and stretching, unnecessary pressure gets dispersed somewhere else in our bodies. For instance, when the head begins to more forward, extra strain and pressure is put on the neck. When the hip flexors get tight, the pelvis tilts forward and pressure is put on the lower back. Likewise with the feet and knees, distributing pressure incorrectly on the toes affects where the pressure is put on the knees.

With this all being said, realigning your body may take time. In fact, this process may take years. The fact of the matter is when you align your body the way it is supposed to be, your body works more efficiently. Blood flows the way is it supposed to and gets to where it needs to go, which brings vital oxygen to organs for proper function. Nerves and joints may not get excess pressure put on them, which could help with pain and discomfort.

Educate yourself: Posture Correction

A little education about your own body and a little consciousness can really go a long way. It does not always need to be hours in the gym. Instead it can be the way you pick your child up with your legs and core instead of your back. It’s doing a few simple stretches throughout the day to loosen your muscles and promote blood flow. It’s standing and sitting correctly. It’s using a Bluetooth instead of holding your phone to your head. Small and simple adjustments go farther than you could imagine. Take the time to understand your body better, there needs to be a desire to improve in order to move forward.