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Posture, Is It Really That Important?

Is Posture Really That Important?

What affects does bad posture have on the systems of the human body?

Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 1.38.45 AMAre you suffering from chronic pain on a day to day basis? Okay, maybe you are not suffering, but do you feel any little tweaks throughout the day? Noticing any shooting pain, aches, headaches, or stiffness? If you feel any of these throughout the day, chances are your body is out of alignment. This is your body trying to communicate with you, it is begging you take take better care of it. Lets face it, pain sucks! But if you learn how to be a good listener, you will increase the probability of eliminating your day to day pain, as well as set yourself up for an injury free future.

Most people underestimate how much actually goes on in the human body on a minute to minute basis. Most also underestimate how sensitive the human body is to all of its systems balanced and working together. When you have a strong muscular system and proper posture, you allow your skeletal system to align properly. This will then balance out the amount of pressure you put on certain parts of your body on a day to day basis, limiting overcompensation or overuse of key muscle groups, which in most cases decreases pain, illness, and injury.

Screen shot 2015-11-04 at 1.31.05 AMHowever, when you have poor posture, and a weak muscular system, your skeletal system will be out of alignment. This will eventually lead to chronic pain caused by overusing key muscle groups. When these muscle groups are overused, the muscle fibers become shortened, they will eventually begin to pinch nerves or affect your peripheral nervous system, causing much unnecessary pain. One of the most common examples of this is sciatica.

The human body is one the, if not the most intricate creations known to man. The ongoing battle to maintain a balance, and keeping its systems functioning properly is so delicate. Yet in the busy world of today, we are becoming more and more disconnected with our bodies and listening to what they are trying to say to us.

There are millions and billions of neurons constantly firing throughout your brain every second of the day, and around 90,000 miles of blood vessels in your body that your heart works non-stop to push through your body. This blood carries essential oxygen and nutrients to where your body needs. It is quite simple; when you skeletal and muscular system are properly aligned, your circulatory and peripheral nervous system will be able function efficiently. When your body is not aligned correctly, your give your body no chance to operate at its maximum potential. The first step to fixing these issues, is educating yourself. Don’t be in such a rush to overlook the alignment of your one and only body!