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Sitting & Your Posture

Sitting & Your Posture

Sitting, The Slow Killer.

Screen shot 2015-11-30 at 8.46.05 PMIn this day in age, we have  too many aspects of life that become unbalanced, one in particular is sitting. While taking a load off may feel good at the time, sitting for long periods of time everyday has deadly effects on the human body. Sitting is something that must be counter balanced, and is a simple fix with some self-discipline.

When in a seated position , without realizing it we are tightening up our hip flexors. when we allow our hip flexors to become tight, we can shift the entire position of our pelvis forward, this is called and anterior pelvic tilt. This adds unnecessary pressure and pain to your lower back. At the same time, we could also be tightened up in our chest and shoulder muscles. This could lead to protracted shoulders as well as forward head syndrome.  Even now, as I write this post I am doing my best to sit with my shoulders back, my head up, and looking down with my eyes. How do we balance this out? It is simple, stretch!!

“Chairs: we sit in them, work in them, shop in them, eat in them and date in them. Americans sit for most of their waking hours, 13 hours every day on average. Yet chairs are lethal.

This grim conclusion may surprise you, but 18 studies reported during the past 16 years, covering 800,000 people overall, back it up. In 2010, for example, the journalCirculation published an investigation following 8,800 adults for seven years. Those who sat for more than four hours a day while watching television had a 46 percent increase in deaths from any cause when compared with people who sat in front of the tube for less than two hours.”

How To Fight Back, The Desk Formula!

Unfortunately, the above statistics are the hard facts. So how do we fight back against this when the careers of so may depend upon sitting? There is a simple formula to follow. 1h = 1m. Every one hour of work equals one minute of stretching. Literally, set an alarm. Every hour, do a simple stretch or two for a total of one minute. Eight hours of work in one day equals eight minutes of stretching.

What could 8 minutes a day of stretching do? Well 8 minutes a day adds up to 40 minutes a week. That is over 2 and 1/2 hours or stretching a month, and over 30 hours of stretching a year….Better than nothing. This will helpIncrease flexibility, decrease the development of postural deviations, increase blood flow, decrease risk of injury and disease , flush out lactic acid and promote muscle development. One hour of work equals one minute of stretching. Simple, yet effective. Studies have shown that sitting for long periods of time will increase chances of death by up to 40%. Follow this simple formula to lower the risk of these negative effects of sitting too long!

Two Key Stretches: Doorway/ Chest Stretch & Hip Flexor Stretch