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Balance Workouts

Benefits of Balance & Stability:

Anytime you are balancing your body is creating co-contractions. This means that your body gets the use of thousands of stabilizer and mobilizer muscles firing back-and-forth working to stabilize. The development of these muscles important for joint stabilization and posture.

Balance and stability training force you to get out of your comfort zone and completely focused on what you are doing. Losing concentration with some movements may lead to messing up or perhaps a little stumble. Balance and stability should be a major component when putting together your workout plan. From young children to the elderly it is crucial to keep up this element of physical activity.

  • Develop stabilizer muscles
  • Help stabilize joints and develop posture
  • Force you to concentrate and be present
  • Stimulate co-contractions for better balance and stabilization

Balance & Stability Workout Playlist