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Back to the basics

is a phrase often used when a process gets complicated or complex, and needs to be taken back to the fundamentals. The same may apply to you or someone in your life when trying to get back in shape. There are many fitness programs, DVD’s, and workouts that are just too complex for a person to be thrown into, even more so if they haven’t worked out in years or in some cases ever before.

Screen shot 2015-09-28 at 12.31.52 AMThe fundamentals of exercising often times goes overlooked. Understanding these fundamentals could be the difference between accomplishing your goals, or getting injured/discouraged during the process. There are some injuries that are more common than others. Here are some helpful hints to understand before getting back into working out:

Just getting started?

-Not sure if you are fit enough to get back into exercising? Get checked out by a doctor, you can never be too safe. Go to your local doctor and communicate. Let him/her know what your intentions and goals are for getting back in shape, have them give you a good look, and if everything checks out, get to work!

Know your limits! We all may want to get in shape. We also need to know that getting in shape does not happen overnight. Take your time, be patient, and trust the process. You are better off giving yourself more recovery time and developing your body in the way it is intended, compared to rushing the process.

-Review your medical history- Take the time to think back to old injuries or medical problems you have had in the past. Do you have an old shoulder injury? Chances are that area may be tight or may have developed scar tissue. Take the time to strengthen and stretch these old injuries so you can keep them just that, old!

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