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Ab & Core Workouts

How to get real core strength

Screen shot 2015-09-28 at 2.32.46 AMThere are many important aspects of trying to improve your strength, posture, and overall wellness, one of the most important is to keep your core strong. This will keep your body functionally strong, decrease your risk of injury, and help us protect the rest of our body and navigate through life more efficiently.

You hear people say all the time “to help strengthen your back and help your posture, work on your core.” This is very true, but it also does not mean just doing crunches! It is vital to work on your core through rotational movements. The rotational range of motion is the only way to really work your  transverse abdominis , this is your deepest lair of your abdomen which stimulates your erector muscles in-between and around your vertebrae. This is where the true core strength comes from.

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