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Warm Ups

Warm up for life

Screen shot 2015-09-28 at 12.24.14 AMThere are a lot of misconceptions about how to start off a work out, most of this depends on what and how you will be exercising on that day. If your workout is going to consist of resistance training or functional training on that day, a dynamic warm up is never a bad idea. A dynamic warm up is an active warm up that will prepare your body for what is about to take place. Getting your heart rate up, increasing range of motion, loosening your joints and increasing your muscle elasticity are some of the benefits of a dynamic warm up.

The concept of a “warm up”  is to better prepare your body for the work it is about to do. Most of us are aware that we should do a warm up before our workout, but what about getting ready for the everyday workout of life?  Getting in and our of cars, going up stairs, picking up children, bags, boxes, sitting at a desk, and so on. These can all be considered a workout.

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